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This syndrome has been made popular by Rebeecca Black's "Friday" song.

The syndrome has been relatively ignored until this point. This has been a condition that effects all ages and races. Some of the signs of My-hand-is-a-Dolphin Syndrome (a.k.a. MHISADS) is the need to roll down the window in the car when you are "kicking it" in the front-seat or in the back-seat with your friends, then sliding your arm out and moving your hand and forearm up and down in a fashion which appears like a dolphin riding a bow of a ship.
Ryan - "Yeah, i was taking Nick home and all of a sudden, he started moving his hand up and down out the window like a damn dolphin"

Kevin - "Wow! I guess he caught that My-hand-is-a-Dolphin Syndrome. That's crazy! Hope you don't get it"
by einsBAMF69 April 26, 2011
Like SHAMMERED but it's with pot! like if you smoke few bowls of really dank stuff and you get just totally STOASTED!
Wow! i smoked 4 bowls and I think i'm still high! Damn i got stoasted!
by einsBAMF69 December 07, 2010
Person: someone who is the best at something.

Action: to be the master at doing a specific action.
Person: Stephen, he a Hoss at everything math.

Action: "Wesley hossed eating me out last night"
by einsBAMF69 November 15, 2010

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