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A variable in a programming language that was supposed mean that a certain match was ok. But because no camelcasing was used (like matchOk), it became a not understandable non-sense variable.
boolean matchok; // FIXME what??

Programmer 1: what does matchok do?
Programmer 2: matchok?
Programmer 1: yeah matchok.
Programmer 2: it checks if you have matchok.
Programmer 1: whatever
by eihoofd May 04, 2009
Abbreviation of Secret Home Project. Used by professional Software Developers that have a brilliant idea thats going to make them rich (or at least thats what they believe) that they are working on at home. They don't want to tell anyone else about their ideas because they're afraid someone will steal their ideas and going to be rich instead.
Programmer 1: Hey matchok man! What are you going to do this weekend?
Programmer 2: I'm gonna work on my SHP!
Programmer 1: Cool, what are you making?
Programmer 2: Can't tell, it's secret! But it's gonna make me rich so I can quit my job! Ha ha ha!
Programmer 1: Whatever
by eihoofd July 28, 2009

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