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1) an old symbol for beer
2) a turkey in bowling
3) porno (obvious)
4) a strikeout in baseball
5) three wrong anwers on family feud
6) two movies on staring Vin Diesel(I just butchered his name) and the other staring Ice Cube
1) the label on the old beer bottle had xxx on it
2) after the third strike Mary was shown the picture of a turkey by the score keeper
3) the internet is a very good source for xxx
4) Nolan Ryan was the strikout king
5) "We've asked a hundred people what they carry in their purse what do you think is the most common answer..." jack thought and then he said "a vibrator" "survey says..." BUZZZZ then you would see one two or three big red x's on the tv screen
6) the first triple x movie was good but the last one wasn't that great.
by eighteightytwo October 26, 2005

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