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A victorian term for a lady who is extremely friendly. In the act of fornication one would very well slosh about in the pot. Still not as desperate as spacker baiting
she was a smashing slosh pot, both boris and I enjoyed her at the same time. What a slippery treat!
by egnaro May 15, 2005
The act of luring a retard to one's lair to show them a good time.
After giving up on the Kosovan's, John deciced he'd try a spot of spacker baiting.
by egnaro May 15, 2005
The art of applying cunnilingus to a particularly hairy minge.
I was having a rather expensive meal with my family, when suddenly my little sister spied a couple of tramps munching the muff of a dead woman.
by egnaro May 21, 2005
A practice employed by British South Eastern Farmers for several centuries. The act itself involves stimulating the nether regions of a ferret, so that said ferret can de-stress and continue to ward off evil spirits. Obviously it goes without saying that the farmers didn't mind either.
Daves wife could tell from the wet patch on his lap that he'd been vigourously ferret fiddling, cripes!
by egnaro May 15, 2005

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