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3 definitions by eekitty

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
I just hired this freakin' smart EECS kid from UC Berkeley.
by eekitty November 18, 2003
Electrical Engineer or Electrical Engineering
Oh, your major is EE? Dang... you must be smart...
by eekitty November 18, 2003
usually where most of the UC-Berkeley engineering rejects go - don't deny the fact that Cal is still years ahead of you in engineering and science

Cal's EECS program >>>>>>>>>>>> any other school's similar program, except for maybe MIT

Cal's Haas School of Business >>>>>>>> *

Average GPA and SAT score of admitted EECS applicants: 4.45 and 1460, 4.0+ and 1400+ for engineering applicants overall, whereas cow poly's at 3.87 and 1280.

that, and the area near cow poly's kennedy library smells like shit - at least we don't have to worry about having an ag department
i wasn't smart enough to get into Berkeley, nor even competitve enough to survive,
by eekitty April 23, 2005