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Omaha (44th largest city in US) otherwise known as the Big O. Omaha is the biggest city in Nebraska, and isn't the typical plain flatland and corn. Omaha is very underrated even though it's home too: CWS, husker football, corn, the Henry Doorly Zoo, a beautiful downtown indie/concert scene, and the CenturyLink Center. It also is also home town to famous people you wouldn't expect like Malcolm X, Warren Buffet, and real world contestants Tyrie Ballard & Laura Waller, etc. It's a great place to raise a family even though it is full of STD's. Almost every teenager complains they hate living there and will eventually move away because gossip spreads fast, but never do. The most common school districts are MPS and OPS. Also it seems to have segregated areas by ethnic back grounds. West Omaha has rich white suburban people, South Omaha has Hispanic, and North Omaha has black people. In Omaha people don't ride cows/tractors to school and most aren't redneck.
Kim: let's go party & FSU. YOLO
you: i wish Omaha teens had more original slogans.
by edhujscd July 03, 2012

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