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A town founded in 1800 in Western PA nestled very equally between Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Erie. It grew quickly and became the county seat of Mercer County and subsequently the center of judicial decisions in the area. It's most notable features are the Court House (3rd edition as the other 2 burned down), the convenient exit off I-80 for any hungry traveler, and the heavy concentration of rednecks and churches.

The town has been in decline in the past 50 years. Local officials continue to be stunned that the population is leaving, though pretty much no improvements have been made to the town since the early 1900s because they want it to keep its "Victorian" feel. The peak of its suckitude was when the mayoral election came down to an 18 year old, a 19 year old, and some dude who never really had much to do with Mercer (18 year old tool Chris Portman won). Basically, the only thing Mercer residents do in Mercer are sleep, sometimes eat, and go to school because there is nothing actually in Mercer aside from the Court House. Many diverse peoples live in the town: a few blacks, 1 or 2 Asian families, a shitload of rednecks, a couple hippies, and plenty of losers that don't already fall in these categories. Go Mustangs!
Brad: "Hey, I can't believe a girl in my grade is pregnant!"
Katie: "Well, I go to Mercer, 20% of the girls in my grade have already had kids."
by edgeman2k9 December 21, 2006

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