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Soccer term used to shout to a friend/soccer player......used to will them on in the game
"Cantona has the ball........go on my son!"
by Edge August 08, 2003
Roy Keane, Irish & Manchester united soccer player. Very tough and strong and mean. Aggressive to all.
"thats lads a fucking KEANO....hes we'll 'ard"

"im gona fuck you up KEANO style(rough you up a little)...."
by Edge August 20, 2003
Girl of lacking attraction.........an ugly woman!
"yo dude the girl is toe up!"
by Edge August 08, 2003
Slang for a woman's vaginal area.
That girls Georgia O' Keefe was loose as a goose.
by Edge November 21, 2004
Beating the living shit out of the testicles with a large, heavy inanimate object to the point of annihilation.
You are going to get a scrotal jackhammer if you keep poking me in my eye you fucking monkey.
by Edge November 21, 2004
To describe one bad mood or poor hummor.
Scorpy McScorp.....to be in the worst mood ever!
"im well scorpy"
"Dude are u scorpy??"
"well look whos Scorpy McScorp!"
by Edge August 08, 2003
This refers to when people are arguing politics... Coined by our good friend Dave Vassallo...
Bush did this...Kerry is a....
by edge November 26, 2004

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