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A female who does think that defies any logic. Can also be complete stupidity.
"That girl is such a GUIRK"

"Stop acting like a GUIRK"
by Edge August 22, 2003
The nether regions of a womans genital region.
".........her waa was massive"

"i had my hand up her waa"

"i went waa licking"
by Edge August 08, 2003
This is when you abuse cocaine for an extended amount of time... Coined by one of our good friends at MC... Also known as the Secret Society....
"Yo Edge, you down on a face party tonight?"
by edge November 26, 2004
a crazy bitch bent on destruction of the world!!!!!
Dude tape-leg, Yello Dello is such a bitch
by EDGE March 14, 2005
Something that is wicked or above average.
Yo, that shit is krunk.
Your right.
by EDGE November 04, 2003
Large breasts upon a female, often said by a construction worker or someone of the like.
You see the hubba-hubbas on that one?
by EDGE November 04, 2003
1)To find something better than you posses now.
2)To make something better.
1)Yo, that shits krunked up man.
2)Yo, thats krunked up since last time I was that.
by EDGE November 04, 2003

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