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29 definitions by edge

A nut or fruit that has gone bad but not visibly. Too make a fruit or nut in this condition, it shows no sign of rotting and you bite / eat it. It should taste terrible.
Ugh, I just ate a nut and it was so frowie.
Those pears went frowie after a few days.
by EDGE November 04, 2003
An old man who still thinks that old 50's music still rocks. Usually found in retirment homes sping the wheels of steel!

Someone who plays old tunes that were well last year........not whith it!!
"DJ Redge welcomes you to saturday night at the retirment home"

"..check out DJ Redge...that tune is well old!!"
by Edge August 08, 2003
A ninja with a sniper rifle who can shoot and kick your ass from 400 yards away.
Beware of the sninjas!
by Edge November 21, 2004
Another way of saying 'Boo'. HSRT from BHZ said it once...
You go up to someone, and you say "Boodaloodadoo!"
by edge May 21, 2004
Masturbating, to the point of ejaculation.
Oh no, it takes less time for me too shoot the goose now than it did 5 years ago. Is that a common problem?
by Edge January 02, 2004
Person of simple mind. Not very smart. Person who does stupid things.
"your a fucking BONGO!"
by Edge August 20, 2003
Code for looking at porn.
Hey brandon are you ebaying>?
by Edge November 21, 2004