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To dismiss a specific activity.
I fucked off meeting Bob to stay in bed.
Had an exam earlier. Fucked it off.
by Ed May 06, 2004
Usually a twixter, above legal drinking age, who buys beer for underage kids in return for admission to their parties. First mentioned in a Saturday Night Live Skit.
"You are such a lose, you live in your parents basement and you don't even have a job!"
"I do so, I'm an underage beer liaison!"
by ED March 16, 2005
A non-existent word invented by pedophile activists as part of their ongoing effort to legitimize and legalize the sexual exploitation of children.

See pedophile.
Bob is a pedophile but he calls himself a "pedosexual" in order to portray his deviant sexual desires as a mere sexual orientation. The rest of us know Bob is really just mentally ill.
by Ed January 21, 2005
To make an arse out of yourself infront of people/persons you are either attempting to impress or would hope to impress so as to garner some form of gain be it sexual or otherwise.
"and then his bike toppled over right infront of a car full of hot chicks. It was a total rendrag."
by Ed January 04, 2005
a cool loser
a nice guy but a bit odd
a wierdo with style
aaaaaaaawwww basey jesus christ
by ed September 27, 2004
Acronym - Good All Round Value
Those Tesco value cookies were GARV.
That Stella was reasonably priced AND got me drunk, what GARV.
by Ed February 19, 2004
A mid-level programming language with enough versitility to allow a programmer to design a video game with fully sentient AI (Artificial Intelligence), insane graphics, and the ability to verbally communicate with non-player characters.
UGS Inc. used C++ along with 3dsMax6 to create Tale of Magi: Divided World.
by Ed November 06, 2003

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