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A gaming term for an under-mounted grenade launcher such as the M203 or any other kind of launched explosive (RPG, Thumper, etc) used in first person shooter games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Use of such a weapon to get kills is considered 'cheap', since it requires very little skill to use. 'Noob' is a term for a newcomer to a game, and is used as an insult in gaming communities.
Damn, that noob got me with his noob tube for the eighth time this round!
#noob #grenade #launcher #fps #m203
by ecyrblim April 09, 2010
The second generation evolution of a Miyeon. Generally much more evil and impolite than a Miyeon, but not as bad a Peeyeon.
Meanyeons are highly volatile, and can be as explosive as caesium in water. They are known to completely annihilate weaker beings if provoked. While Meanyeons mostly travel alone due to their intense lack of social skills, you may come across a herd of them on occasion. This will likely occur in the DMZ between North and South Korea, where intensely modified creatures from the Communist north roam free.
If you are unlucky enough to encounter such a herd, you have a 0.0074% chance of survival. It is likely that you will also find among the herd a creature known as a JHPA. The full, expanded acronym is an unutterable series of words. Comparable to "YHWH," the sacred name of God. The pronunciation of this word has long been lost. If the full name of JHPA is ever again to emerge from the mouth of a human being, the world will plunge into a MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) nuclear war.
A noted and well-documented method of avoiding Meanyeon attacks is to stroke the wrist of the creature itself. This deactivates the attack mechanism of the Meanyeon by causing it to hyperventilate and laugh hysterically, at which point it is advisable to strangle the little bugger.
A: Goddammit, India just got nuked. B: By Pakistan? A: No, by Meanyeons.
#miyeon #peeyeon #jhpa #nuke #korea #pokemon
by ecyrblim December 05, 2011
A black person.
Claron is so dark, I can't see him at night.
#clear #car #cop #cannibal #cool
by ecyrblim November 10, 2011
1) Of, or pertaining to, rhinoceroses.

2) The use of the nose or nostrils for erotic purposes. From 'rhinal', meaning 'of the nose', and 'erotic', the meaning of which is obvious.
Ted: So how was the zoo?

Mark: Ah, we had a lot of fun. We even participated in rhinocerotic activity behind some bushes.

Ted: Oh, that does sound fun...
#rhinoceros #erotic #rhinal #rhino #eros
by ecyrblim July 11, 2010
(1) A legal feature of PSP systems that allow a person with a certain game to play with someone who does not own that game on local multiplayer between two PSP consoles.

(2) An illegal way to get free Playstation Network downloads on the PS3. All Playstation Network purchases are allowed to be downloaded five times in case of loss or accidental deletion. Gamesharing takes advantage of this by sharing your Playstation Network account name and password with up to four other people so that they can download games, add ons, or other content that you have paid for already at no cost to themselves, and vice-versa.
Tom: How did you get so many games? I know you're not that rich.
Bob: Oh, I do some gamesharing with some guys on the east coast.
#piracy #ad hoc #lan #multiplayer #sharing
by ecyrblim April 10, 2010
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