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Person from the Russian Federation, speaks Russian language (East Slavic). Quite often used abroad to refer to Russian speakers from former Soviet republics who may in fact be of a different ethnic group or nationality. Usually intellectual and sometimes unnecessarily sentimental.
"He speaks the Russian language and claims he's from Russia so he's probably Russian!"
by ebato March 09, 2006
An anti-authoritarian who is probably more dogmatic in his views than the authoritarians themselves. This person likely struck his roots in the punk community at one time or another and decided that being a "full-time revolutionary" (Leninist concept, btw) was more serious than punk rock. If you attempt to counter their views in front of them, you will likely uncover a fanantic personality type bordering on megalomania (just visit Lawrence, KS's Solidarity collective) and you may feel better about Stalinism upon talking to these idiots. Hard leftists - stay away! You're better just doing stuff on your own.
"They don't like Communists, Socialists, either...Either you're anarchist or you're a class traitor"
by ebato March 09, 2006
Despite the intent - a total commoner. All the attributes have previously been described. These are the "penguins" of modern youth culture. The real artists and musicians don't generally have much time to be "seen" at bars and coffeehouses.
I really don't care about your 3-chord music, hipster.
by ebato February 18, 2007
A country full of "doods" wearing speedos with pubic hair sticking out and big gold chains. They listen to chalga and and drink Rakija like it's water. If Russians ever come (military or civilian) they pay gypsies a carton of cigarettes to wait for them at the airport with sticks and pitchforks. In fact, most Bulgarians are probably gypsies. The women have recently developed a new style - short, cropped red dyed hair (on the head and the genitals). If you have a TV back in your home country, they'll probably sleep with you (even if you are a Turk!). If that happens (if you ever visit this primitive land), you can be sure that you will wake up covered in sweaty pretzels and gummy worms (a favorite snack of the Bulgar) and there will be a general stench of Rakija and vomit. The woman will likely be gone with your wallet and your chewing gum. Bulgaria is indeed a beautiful place.
When I went to bulgaria, I got 5 different veneral diseases. There are no places to buy condoms, for, when the Russians tried to bring them, they were shot on sight.
by ebato March 09, 2006
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