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A word writen in Mario TKO rom hack that means to cover a cat in mustard and throw it at a group of midgets in hopes of startling them!
hey dude lets pfargtyl those midgets!
ok. i'll find a cat you grab the mustard.

by eathroho May 13, 2009
to be in the middle of saying fuck but trying not to swear by changing to fudge to late.
(in a pre-school) Hey kid shut the fukudge up!
by Eathroho April 09, 2009
when you put peanut butter on your dick and have your dog lick it off while taking a shit.
fag 1: dude i got jadmibloda the other day.
fag 2: the closest you can get to a blumpkin...
normal guy: you guys are fags
by eathroho July 07, 2010
a words meaning This Is Bull Shit
U gets rejected from harvard

U: Damn it!

V: Now don't be swearin'

U: fine,Tibs
by eathroho June 10, 2009
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