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1.) Beauty, Knowledge, Respect
2.) Bitch Kick Rocks

This term is derived from BKR Squad, which is not to be confused with a gang, because members have a high level of self-esteem, seek to make the world a better and more positive place, and have the self-efficacy to bring about such change, whether working alone or in a collective. They always treat each other like family, brothers who always have each others' backs.
1.) You have to see the world with BKR.. It changes your perspective on life and makes you want to help the less fortunate.

2.) John: "Is BKR a gang?"
VJ: "We're anything besides a gang. Just some niggas that keep it real with bitches until they fuck us over. And then we tell the Bitches.. Kick Rocks!"
by easymoneys8 November 22, 2012

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