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A penis trench that is naturally formed by the breasts; yearning for a good juicing
Have you seen 90210? Tori Spelling has a perfect cockslot!!
by eakthemonkey April 28, 2004
A bed of hair on your upper extremities where your gold medallion can sleep.
Damn! That cracker has serious chestrug!
by eakthemonkey April 28, 2004
it's cool, I'm ready to do whatever "it" is...
I am game to go to that hootchie party.
by eakthemonkey April 28, 2004
Leave point A heading towards plan B.
Upon reaching A & 1/2, make a sharp right and head towards a Crazy Ivan-- i.e. plan C, or... the Crazy Ivan. Usually introduced by the most devious member of your clan...
1. Stick with the plan, or Crazy Ivan?

2. Last night we were headed to the Ruby Room, but we Crazy Ivan'd and ended up in Santa Cruz!!!
by eakthemonkey May 17, 2004

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