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2 definitions by e_m_m

(zom'be) n.
1. A political creature marked by a propensity for statism and collectivism, incapable of individualism or coherent thought.
2. A conformist to politically popular notions who moves in an undifferentiated herd and obeys orders mindlessly; one who accepts political dogma without consideration or thought.
3. A statist drone who reacts to political opposition with indecipherable howling and gross violence.
4. A political activist under the control of a cult leader or guru.
"The candlelight vigil was full of zombies. They'll protest anything."
by e_m_m September 21, 2008
The place you find yourself in when you add someone as a FaceBook friend and he or she refuses to approve or deny your request, instead leaving you as 'Friend Requested' indefinitely.
I friended Philip four days ago and it still says 'Friend Requested'. I guess he's going to leave me in Friendgatory.
by e_m_m April 30, 2009