12 definitions by eMan

Describes the act of having brutal sex.
Hey baby your gonna need a wheelchair after I powder your sping with my meat hammer!
by Eman November 20, 2003
The illest rapper , better then garbage 50 cent. yall are haters he owns u
Ja rule owns u GG , 50 is bust ass rapper has no flow noobs
by eman March 14, 2005
Hebrew word for mouth.
Used as a code between friends that a particular person is uncool. Usually used when meeting someone new at a party. Very often used to describe the guy hanging out near the fridge and who is unavoidable.
"Nice to meet you, Peh."
"Thats funny, Peh."
by Eman January 24, 2005
The act of shitting ones pants.
Hurry up and pull over before I foam my panties.
by Eman November 20, 2003
When having sex with your woman doggy style, you pull out and, without notice, stick it in her anus.
Man was my girl surprised, I gave her the old fisheye from behind.
by eman January 08, 2005
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