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1. Plural, for rat.
2. A group of small animals, rodents. Tend to dwells in the sewers. (Sewer rat).
2. An expression of discontent. See also damn or shit.
1. Pied Piper: "Damn, where'd all these rats come from?"
2. "Rats!" Johnny exclaimed, when he discovered he'd shot the wrong person.
3. After several smelly farts, and downing a package of ex-lax pills, Bobby realized that it was time to feed the rats.
by eBrian December 23, 2002
1. a State in the USA.
2. Acronym; "Up The Ass Hard". See bufu.
3. Used as an expression if someone is about to get beat up or shot.
1. Mormons live in Utah.
2. Tom, Dick and Harry, all like it UTAH.
3. "Oh that's it, he'll pay for that. I'm gonna give it to him UTAH!"
by eBrian December 15, 2002
alternate spelling for dude. See dude
1. "Dood, did you see that?"
2. "Man, that dood is messed up."
by eBrian December 14, 2002
Post urinal drip.

After you pee, sometimes there's a little drippage or leakage coming out of your penis. It's called post-urinal drip. This is common amongst boys and men of all ages. It's the reason why underwear lining is thicker at the front.
Wife: Whoa, did you just pee your pants?
Husband: No.. that's just pud.
Wife: Pud?
Husband: Yes, pud. Post-urinal drip. I just went pee. That's just a little extra leftover that was caught in my urethra.
by ebrian August 17, 2011
it's like owned, but more intense. also j0w3d
1. you just got joned!
2. total jonezer man!!
by eBrian March 21, 2003

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