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A harsh and aggressive driver of a motor vehicle that tailgates another driver until such a time as they see the other lane opened and swiftly jerk the steering wheel to manuever their vehicle around the vehicle that they were tailgating. Also applies to drivers who zip in and out of traffic using the afore mentioned method.
"Look at that wheel whipper! What a rude piece of shit idiot!
by E April 05, 2005
This is the combination of exclaiming "Jesus Christ!" and "God!". This slang term was derived from Louisville, KY.
"Godsus! That Desert Oogee completely exploded that damn watermelon."
by E March 25, 2005
To have sex with a girl doggie style, with one side of her face on the ground, while you step on her face.
When I waffled her, I made sure she switched to the other side of her face so to be sure she got stepped on equally on both sides.
by E August 21, 2004
to agree with ones ideas or beliefs, or to acknowledge being talked to.
playa 1. awww shit nigga, i dun hit dat pussy up quick

playa 2. Sho'nuff nigga
by E July 30, 2003
A Filipino person's bitch (who is also Filipino).
"I have made my boyfriend into a filifili! I own him!"
by E August 20, 2003
to you idiots out there who think that metallica wrote Fade To Black about suicide are sadly mistaken. They wrote the song about guitar amps that were stolen from them
life it seems will fade away.. drifting further everyday
by E December 27, 2004
A person who is acting irrationally
Man your ho is flippin.
by E December 30, 2002

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