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to like or dislike something.

comes from the facebook fan pages, where someone can become a fan of something (for example: John Smith became a fan of Turning the Pillow Over when it Gets Too Warm.)
"my friend bought the new xbox."
"i'm a fan."

"ellen? she's cool, i like what she says to the contestans on idol."
"i'm not a fan of ellen; she can get annoying."
by dvora levite March 15, 2010
when someone uses someone else's answer that they have heard before to a question they were asked, especially if it was a smart/witty answer.
john: "so how are things working out for you with jane?"
bill: "we're fine as two fine things on table."

after a few minutes.

kurt: "how are the kids?"
bill: "they're fine as two fine things on a table."
kurt: "hey! bill said the same thing to me earlier. don't go riding a phrase, bill."
by dvora levite April 27, 2010
What Was I Looking For in Facebook?

when you log on facebook meaning to do something in particular (like look at someone's photos) and end up in some random person's profile.

(originally comes from WILFing - which stands for WHAT WAS I LOOKING FOR? - when you open an internet page with a certain goal (ie to look for vacation prices) and end up in completeley random sites.)
yesterday i looged into facebook, and i wanted to look at the photos from hendrick's party. i ended up watching sara's wedding video. that's some heavy wilfbing.

i was wilfbing so much last night i went to sleep at 4am.
by dvora levite April 26, 2010
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