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Attending a life-cycle event for your grandchild while at a remote geolocation by a means of advanced technology, such as Skype or Facetime.
eGrandparenting is great – I couldn't make it out to Boston for my Anthony's piano recital, so my son, bless his heart, held up his Androgynous phone and took some video for me to see. Now if only I could figure out how to open my email…
by dvnix February 20, 2012
Attending a Brit Milah when a relative or close friend who is Jewish has a male child, and you cannot attend the ceremony in person.
My brother-in-law Morty had another son, but they live across the country and we couldn't get in for the Bris … luckily, they have a webcam, so it was just a matter of Circumskyping.
by dvnix February 20, 2012
1.) A fanciful, diminutive creature from Texas obsessed with the notion of maintaining/bolstering Gold reserves (and, henceforth, preventing Rainbows from happening).

2.) Ron Paul
My day was full of sunny joy and laughter until that dang Texaprechaun came, cast a pall and absconded with my spare bouillon.
by dvnix January 24, 2012
noun – indicative of being chock-full of a boatload of hooey; consisting entirely of monkeyshine
After 6PM on May 21, 2011 in ANY given time zone, folks were pretty much sure that the whole Rapture deal was a bunch of shamnanigans…
by dvnix May 21, 2011

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