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an expression defining how stupid someone is; chiefly British.
i.e.: the thickness of two planks of wood stacked one atop the other.
sometimes shortened to "two short planks"
"Whoah, you're thick as two short planks!"

#slow #dumb #idiot #retard #moron
by dv8trix September 06, 2008
someone who thinks they're quite intelligent
usually used in a mocking fashion, although it can also be meant literally
Susie: "I found a new way to spread butter on corn-on-the-cob with a basting brush!"
Susie's mum: "Well, aren't we the clever-clogs?"
#smart #intelligent #witty #genius #quick-witted #cunning #bright #ingenious
by dv8trix September 06, 2008
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