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The act of treading water back to back with your partner then taking a stiff poop into the anus of your partner whilst under water, this process is then repeated vice versa in rapid recession until the stiff poop has dissolved into a diarrhea like format. The damp flakes are then packed into a tobacco pipe then smoke
"Timmy and I rocked a toasty torpedo at the graduation party last night, everyone got pretty messed up when we packed it in the hookah"
by dustynook February 01, 2010
A snarly sharp tooth growth at the top of a malicious vagina. This tooth retracts once a penis is inserted, then catches onto the main vein of the penis when exiting the vagina. This tooth then rips open the main vein causing a massive loss of blood and permanent damage to the penis. This violent attack leaves mammoth amounts of scar tissue across the top of the penis once healed, resulting in a a "captan hook".
"My penis curves straight up when I get a boner because it got caught in that girls gator tooth."

"Hey girl, go brush your gator tooth."
by dustynook February 01, 2010

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