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6 definitions by dustin ross

a person who enjoyes the sensation of having their cell phone on vibrate in their front pocket
person #1.) dude i was just sitting around watching some porn and then my phone went off and i droped a load, it was awsome

person #2.) thats the most vibrosexual thing ive ever heard
by dustin ross May 20, 2007
17 9
1. a term used to describe a large white penis, also see one eyed wonder weasle, super ghost, and albino godzilla
the greatest legend of the seven labias, moby cock, the great white penis
by dustin ross May 20, 2007
11 7
the emotion of having fun
Person1: whats up! how are you

Person2: im funderfull
by Dustin Ross May 10, 2007
4 3
adj, 1. someone of +35 years with wrinkled skin or a bad tan, who usualy has thining to no hair
that old dudes a sausage caseing.
by Dustin Ross May 10, 2007
4 5
adj. 1.) short, high piched way of calling someone a queer, usually sounded in unison by several people at one time to make authority figures think your making bird noises
Person #1: Hey check out that qu'r!

Person #2: qu'r!

Person #'s 3-8: qu'r!

by Dustin Ross May 14, 2007
2 7
- (V.) the act of riding, or goofing around in the bed of truck while it is offroading
"Dude we went wheelin' out at the canyon, and Matt was mud assing in the back!"
by Dustin Ross May 14, 2007
0 7