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3 definitions by duno

illiterate beings who hang around memorial gardens in mytholmroyd and public toilets, they are munters.go near them if u want a cheap nite.
"errrrre u startin?i herd u slaggin of mi mum, ey ey ey u bein cheeky, u wnat a piece of me" (oh dear)
by duno October 22, 2004
A particarly flabby female genetalia.
Going down on her was like eating a badly filled kebab.
by duno August 20, 2003
kane makes out that he wants your mum, when he actually wants your dads monkey. he also likes the pizzle alot.
Hi my name is Kane and i want to spank your dad's monkey, and i like the alot of pizzle.
by duno February 14, 2005