13 definitions by dunk

The world's greatest Candadian
During Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope Dunk lapped him.
During Wayne Gretzky's skate across Tibet, Dunk lapped him.
Invented tofu before David Suzuki and got the hook up before Alexander Bell.
Nuff said really.
by Dunk November 23, 2004
have you ever been to the toilet and that black object the size of your arm has dropped out of your pooper and clogged the toilet . well thats pretty much a bog
Eamon I could do three shit and they wouldnt be the size of your bog
by dunk November 05, 2003
When one P2P is flooded by refugees from another, collapsed, P2P a Lobby and other rooms are created to hold all the n00bs.
n00b: Why is this place called the Lobby?
133t: Errrgh another n00b
n00b2: Alguien hablas Espanol?
133t: *sigh* Latino n00b
by Dunk November 10, 2003
For real.
Derivation from: for real>for rilly>fo rilly>frilly
Fernando: Is it true you are a fully sick DJ?
Habib: Frilly!
by dunk November 10, 2003
Chubby but skinny
Fernando: That girl is, like, chubby but skinny
Habib: Colin Friels!
by dunk November 10, 2003
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