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A girl's vagina while she's on her period.
Mike didn't get any action last night from Erin, she doesn't allow any red zone play while Aunt Flo is in town.
by dungpow September 20, 2009
The result of being sedentary and drinking for almost two weeks while snowed in.
Man, between my beat up liver and this snow belly.. I don't want to see snow again til next year.
by dungpow February 15, 2010
Someone that smuggles candy into the movie theater to avoid paying the ridiculous costs at the concession stand.
Kat is a horrible candy mule, she aborted the mission as she approached the ticket collector.
by dungpow August 14, 2010
Someone that always takes a day to respond to your email.
I sent Jan that request, but she's a 24hr responder, won't know anything til tomorrow.
by Dungpow July 14, 2009
A belly that develops from drinking and being snowed in for weeks.
Man, I need to get my ass to the gym.. this blizzard belly has got to go!
by dungpow February 16, 2010
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