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A fly-ass PS1 game about a stitched-up motherfucka (named Abe) who saves his bitch-ass friends from being made into some fucked-up cuisine. Abe has an "Oddysee" and an "Exoddus," in case your wondering, bitch.
Dude 1: Yo, nigga. Wanna get your Oddworld, son?
Dude 2: Fuck-shit yeah, dude. Let's fart on some motherfuckas.
Dude 1: Shit, let me get my Reese Puffs and I'm game!
by duncecapD February 11, 2009
To reminisce on or re-enact fly-ass shit you did in the 5th grade.
Check out this yo-yo. I'm takin it back to the 5th, son!
by duncecapD February 11, 2009
A lame-ass, pre-law-schoolin' white-boy who uses computer genius to make everyone else look like fucktards. He wears a fucked up argyle sweater and has glasses that can see through a brotha's soul. Cracker don't know shit about the streets. Like a Bill Gates kinda mothafucka, covered in vaginal discharge. Also known as a VCN.
Dude 1: What da fucks dat nigga doin?
Dude 2: Shit, that fuckstick's just a virtual cunt nugget.
Dude 1: Word, mothafucka, word.
by duncecapD February 11, 2009

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