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Thai tantric sexual manoeuvre believed to have originated during the Laanta Lanta Festival in Phi Phi during the late 90's.

As watersports and seafood are the main features of this festival some of the more adventurous sea gypsies from Ko Lanta not wanting to be outdone concieved this bizzare sexual pageantry in which the female would stand on her hands with her legs spread while the male holds her ankles and proceedes to consume the "starfish".

Many tourists awed by this sexual endeavour have attemted the phi phi starfish with mixed success. Incidences of hospitalisation on the island due to "injury by sexual misadventure" have risen every year since 1997 with up to 17 official cases of "starfish overindulgence" on record since that time.
Mike: How was the holiday? Relaxing?

Dave: Me and Laura tried the phi phi starfish.

Mike: What the hell is that?

Dave: Lets just say I chipped a tooth and she has a concussion. But it was a lot of fun.

Dave: Sea Gypsies! God's People!
#phiphi #starfish #tantric sex #sea gypsies #oral sex #indigestion
by duluth1 May 02, 2010
Acronym - Sex With An Ex.

When you hook up with your ex girlfriend/boyfriend.
"Met Sarah at a party last night and we had serious swax"
#awkward sex #breakup sex #partner #hook-up #swax
by Duluth1 February 08, 2010
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