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instinctively covering/protecting ones genitalia when seeing someone get racked in epic fashion

flinch: draw back, as with fear or pain with a reflexive posture or gesture of covering ones genitalia in response to witnessing a severe injury to that area.
Saw this skater crush his nuts on this rail, gave me a junk cringe.
by duitbrains November 18, 2010
A female with an amazing rack and a less than deeply philosophical mentality.
Dude, our waitress Cindy is so boobalicious. Yeah, she forgot our drinks like 3 times tho, too bad she is all Titsy Ditzy.
by duitbrains July 04, 2012
Chronic condition of repeated sneezing tantrums often exacerbated when going from dark to light areas or generally being oversensitive to anything sneezing related.
I would buy my girlfriend flowers but she is allergic to everything and it gives her Sneizures.
by duitbrains June 12, 2014
When leaving a single serving bathroom after dropping a shitbomb one obviously looks to avoid any immediate human interaction in order to avoid defecation guilt for desecrating the toilet area with stank nastiness. However, the instance in which one makes eye contact with the poop desecrator his/her face is flush with shit guilt, hence giving up the shitter stare...
I was waiting for the bathroom and this big fat nasty dude bolted out and totally gave me the shitter stare. I knew right away that the toilet had been shitbombed, BOOM nasty stank in my face, sofa king disgusting.
by duitbrains February 18, 2014
Populous (sluts, douchebags) that frequents scandalous bars, taverns, clubs, etc.… to the point that it is their home and sanctuary.
I always tell my married friends that there is a look but don't touch policy at the bars, beware of the barfowl
by duitbrains October 04, 2013
When an individual or groups of individuals are infatuated with a new app or using/playing apps in general.
dude, why cant you stop playing angry turds for once, you might get laid once in a while if you werent so appsessed.
by duitbrains June 29, 2011
An Individual or group of individuals displaying motivations for their behaviors solely based on the acquisition of resources in the most efficient and corporate based manner. What is profitable and 'good for the company' is a metaphor that drives their entire life outlook and moral/social philosophy.
"I swear Tony would sell his own children for the right price, I wonder if he has any emotions at all." "yeah, That new corporate job has given him cost affective disorder"
by duitbrains June 12, 2014
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