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1 definition by duff696969

1. proper noun. Celebrated equal rights activist.

2. noun. archaic. Colloquial term for the unpopular Cadbury chocolate bar 'Dream'. Came into use in the first half of 2011, upon dipping into a box of Favourites (assorted chocolates) and removing the unpopular sweet 'Dream', it was announced "I have a dream". Ironically, the Dream is a white minority chocolate amongst the oppressive darker chocolates that maintain authority amongst the selection. Fell into disuse shortly after.

note: often abbreviated to simply "Martin Luther", although this has led to considerable confusion, as Martin Luther is the slang term for the discontinued "Pollywaffle" chocolate bar, which achieved a cult following in the late 1980s.
Duff: "Lewis, any decent sweets left in the box?"
Lewis: "Only a couple of Martin Luthers mate"
Duff: " I thought they went out of production years ago..."
Lewis: "Sorry, Martin Luther Kings"
Duff: "Forget it"
by duff696969 February 06, 2011