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A small child who when out on the town tries to sexually engage in many situations while heavily drinking and not doing chores. While in the process is heavily confused about the age of her prey and tends to creep on older men.
That creep ass tween can't control herself and wont leave me alone.
#creep #tween #ass #horny #reckless
by dudepics123go December 14, 2012
A Sasquatch that tends to make its home in aquatic locations. This type of Sasquatch can most likely be found in the midwest but also along the East Coast and sometimes even wandering into public pool areas. The Scubba-Squatch tends to make dams like beavers but much larger because of its massive size and strength. The Scubba-Squatch is the most deadly of all aquatic Sasquatch.
Get off my diving board you damn Scubba-Squatch!
#squatch #scubba #diving #aquatic #sasquatch
by dudepics123go December 15, 2012
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