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A truly ugly woman. This is a contraction of "homely" and "ugly". Attributed to some stoner movie where the guy says "This one's hogly!"
Chris said he macked fine ass bitches, however, when I scoped them skanks, they was quite hogly!
by Dudeman September 26, 2003
A tiny bowl used for smoking marijuana. Chilems are generally short, and give you great hits.
Yo Pip, pass the chilem to the Dudeman biznitch!
by Dudeman December 08, 2003
Mary Jane, Dope, Wizz, Weed, Pot, Marijuana, Texas THC, Cannibis.

First used in Beastie Boys "3- Minute Rule" on the album Pauls Boutique.
You ratted your boy over some ratweed
by Dudeman February 23, 2005
Comic book characters, representing ideas. Comprised of Destiny, Death, Dream, Despair, Desire, Destruction and Delirium.
Delirium thought of Eblis O'Shaughnessys name.
by dudeman February 21, 2004
a one which is not cold. however it is barely a one at all, as proven in strong bad's theory of the properties of ones, in which the ONEitude is directly proportional to the COLDitude. room temperature ones are known to be drunk in foreign lands, along with not-so-cold ones and *shudder* warm ones.
Although on certain evenings in spring a cool one can be quite refreshing. Mmmmmm, thats a good one...
by dudeman February 21, 2004
Pencil and melon shaped TV star. Created by Strong Bad. Also works for the collection agency.
It's Doregard! Hey, how ya doin' Do'?
by dudeman February 21, 2004
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