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Noun. The consent provided between adults prior to engaging in either casual, friends with benefits, or meaningless sex.

Similar to a prenumptial agreement but with a different line of business.

AKA 'the prehump'
I told him not to get all crazy after we hooked up. It was all explained during the prehumptial agreement.
by dubyabejay May 18, 2009
An abbreviation of the phrase "What am I going to do?" or "The next thing I'm about to do is...".

The phrase is most predominately heard in the southern part of the US, primarily Alabama.
Whatuh-mado is watch some more TV and then I'll go grocery shopping.

Whatuh-mado with all this time on my hands?
by dubyabejay April 29, 2009
(Noun). A double or triple wide trailer that is made to look like a house by adding on a patio, sun roon, or other extension that most likely doesn't increase the value of the property.
We were watching Intervention the other day and not only was that family busted but so was the trouse they were living in. Regardless of the wooden swing on the patio or the pool in the back yard, it's still a trailer with an upgrade!
by dubyabejay March 16, 2009
A middle of the road term for a post op transgender crotch area.
Katelynn on The Real World Brooklyn couldn't wait to rub her twock on the first stripper pole she could find.
by dubyabejay February 13, 2009
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