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3 definitions by dubbs

Best damn rap group ever. Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Dr.Dre, MC Ren and some other dudes. They started gangsta rap and they owned the west coast. They originated in Compton, south central LA, CA
Comin Straight Outa Compton
by Dubbs December 20, 2004
also referred to as "snuffy"; when a talented chic can fit your cock and balls in her mouth while performing oral, and at the same time has the dexterity to tongue your balloon knot.
"Wow Sally, you sure took care of me with that good ol' snuffaluffagus. Can we cuddle?"
by dubbs January 14, 2005
Bock comes from the latin word charbockous. The german work bock is dervived from the word charbockous which means annoying homosexual.
"Yo man u get a good look at that guy he was the biggest bock I've ever seen."
by Dubbs July 09, 2004