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Gar·ga·mel·ian (adj.)
Pronunciation: gar-gē-me-lē-ən
Etymology: Gargamel (see Smurfs, 1958)

1: Of or relating to Gargamel

2: Acting in such a way as to display commonalities with Gargamel, inc. duplicity, carelessness, incompetence, incomprehensible motivations, a marked lack of planning, petty evil.
Governor Sanford's recent secret trip to Argentina was Gargamelian in execution.
by duTrieux June 24, 2009
noun; "overwork death, where fatigued workers fall off their stools bleeding from the ears, nose and anus."(1)

(1)Jehangir S. Pocha, "The Last 'Competitive Advantage'", /The Nation/
He worked so hard to finish that project that he suffered from guolaosi.
by duTrieux August 13, 2010

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