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1 definition by dsjidhsihudifhduighudhfuishfui

Trust every word I say of this- we are not all redneck hillbillies. I've lived in Oklahoma all my life, and not once have I seen anyone with a cowboy hat riding a horse or whatever other crap you think we do. Take a visit- it's a very nice state, actually, it's just underestimated because stereotypical shows or movies, like Disney Channel crap, act like everyone from Texas or Oklahoma goes to freaking rodeos and ride horses and wear cowboy hats.
Also, we have very nice lakes in Broken Bow, and the land is beautiful. Visit someday!
Bob: Oklahoma is underestimated.
Tom: But everyone there is a hillbilly!
Bob: Just look it up on urban dictionary!
Tom: Oh, now I see!
by dsjidhsihudifhduighudhfuishfui February 04, 2013