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4 definitions by dscott

A mother who yells, shouts, or screams out commands to her kids from her porch or deck.
She's a porch mama. She just sits on her ass barking out orders.
by dscott July 19, 2005
the act of having a significant other cut/buzz/shave the hair off of a man's back and/or shoulders.
I asked my wife if she had time to trim the yeti because i'm going swimming tomorrow.
by dscott April 03, 2006
An intentionally skinny man, usually a hipster that also wears skinny jeans to display his manorexic figure. Commonly found in Portland, OR. Most manorexics prefer the indoors and rarely venture outside, sightings can be infrequent. Coffee shops are good places to find one.
The guy you're standing behind in line at 7-11 wondering how he fit into his jeans then you begin to realize that his legs are skinnier than your arms, and you're not a big guy yourself. It's because he's a manorexic.
by DScott March 09, 2012
having sex, getting laid
I'm going to have myself an ass sandwich later tonight after the kids are asleep.
by dscott November 06, 2005