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A request for evidence.

The phrase was stated in an interview with Whitney Houston when Diane Sawyer read a headline concerning the cost of Houston's drug habit. Houston, apparently assuming there were receipts from drug dealers and also apparently assuming Sawyer had them requested to see said receipts. The clip went viral in the form an animated .gif.
Person 1: "Did you hear? Cher passed away."
Person 2: "I wanna see the receipts."
by drinkmytearsandcry January 27, 2012
A phrase indicating displeasure and/or disappointment over something.

The phrase was popularized by Naomi Campbell who stated it in an interview.
Person 1: "Did you see those nude photos of Madonna that leaked?"
Person 2: "I am not here for that."

Person 3: "Did you see that despite negative reviews, Lady Gaga is going to release 'Marry the Night' as a single?"
Person 4: "I am not here for that."
by drinkmytearsandcry January 27, 2012

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