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when someone gets famous or gain celebrity status, and they haven't done anything that would make them famous except host in reality television shows. or someone who's famous for nothing.
Guy 1: Dude, the new season of Jersey Shore is coming on you gonna watch?

Guy 2: Hell no, i can't stand all those fakelebrities

Mike: Dude Kim Kardashian is hot!

Jimmy: yea but dude she's so a fakelebrity
by drider August 01, 2010
when someone says something either completely outrageous, stupid, or way off topic or subject that it lead to a temporary moment of silence, weird stares. and awkwardness at that persons expense.
Guy 1: hey guys since I'm getting married in two days lets hold a kick ass bachelor party!

Other guys: yeah!!!!!

Guy 4: then we can bring over hookers to hit us in the junk!

*silent moment*

from the South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut movie

Kyle's mom: what is a Rim Job?

Cartman's mom: oh, that's when you put your leg behind your head and someone licks your ass.

*silent moment*
by drider August 01, 2010
Mostly used in video games. It's when either you, an opponet, or Non Playable Charcter hits you or them so hard that it only leaves you or them with a very small or very little ammount of health remaing.
Dude that guy just crippled me with that 25 hit combo from Ryu.
by drider July 13, 2010

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