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A female that is very sexually active; ho
Also a verb-"go" to easily allow one to have sex with them
"Yo, this broad is a goer"
"Really? She be goin?"
by Drez October 24, 2004
A sequence of sexual events in this order, 1. Anal sex (with a girl) 2. Oral sex (given by girl) 3. Girl then tries to make out with you. EWWW
"Yo this chick tried to british brunch me last night but i told her im allergic to my own shit."
by DreZ March 20, 2005
One who consumes massive quantities of beer without getting drunk
My boy Ron-J is quite the beer whale.
by drez January 26, 2005
nickname for Indianapolis aka Naptown, because nothing ever goes on there, but everyone from the Nap loves their hometown.
We were just chillin in the Nap, havin some beers with D-Purv on a Friday night.
by Drez February 26, 2004
Variation of elite; very good/skilled at something. Can also be written: "l33t, 133t, l337, 1337", usually by fags/nerds/hackers who type in numbers, and it is only really used in internet multiplayer games, never in real life otherwise you'll get shot.
Newbie: How do you play this game?
Hacker: Haha see my LEET powers!
Newbie: ...fag.
by Drez October 24, 2004
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