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A car used for daily transport to avoid damage or wear on a nicer car.
I drove my beater to work today, it's raining too hard to take the Z.
by DrewZee May 10, 2003
Oversize "performance" exhaust found on underpowered import "rice" cars. Generally reduces performance and makes the car sound like it's farting, or like a lawnmower.
Look at the fartcan on that civic.
by DrewZee May 10, 2003
n. A computer operator in a data center. Connotates an IT person with a brainless, repetitive or tedious job, such as a backup operator.
Make sure the tape jockey's know that this new database needs to be backed up daily.
by DrewZee May 09, 2003
n. A person disliked. Insulting name for a person, such as "dick-head".
What's up, dick ears?
by DrewZee May 09, 2003
n. One who plays video games obsessively.
Bill is such a vidiot. You can't get him away from the console even for free beer.
by DrewZee May 09, 2003
Chevy Camaro. See also Craparo.
Another schmuck in a Cramaro squeeled around the corner with his big-hair, gum-chonking Jersey-girl-ho wannabe underage slut.
by DrewZee May 10, 2003
A mitsubishi car.
Check out that mitsubitchin starion.
by DrewZee May 10, 2003
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