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The condition known as Dick Buttkiss occurs in severely overweight men who are already experiencing a prolonged case of "flounder dick". The flounder dick is forced to migrate so far south that it eventually locates itself right up against your butthole- resulting in a Dick Buttkiss.
I knew a guy who couldn't sit down because of his Dick Buttkiss.
by drbinshore May 14, 2010
Flounder Dick occurs in severely overweight men. When a hugely fat guy developes a "front butt" his dick begins to migrate south like the eye of a juvenile flounder- it is mostly out of necessity due to the encroachment of the "front butt", and to ensure the dick can still hang in the toilet. Extreme cases left untreated can result in the distgusting condition known as Dick Buttkiss.
that dude is so fat, he must have a full fledged flounder dick.
by drbinshore May 14, 2010
Oral sex from an Irish girl with a mouthfull of mashed potatos and gravy.
I hooked up with that chick last night at Murph's- she gave me a classic Spuds McKenzie.
by drbinshore May 13, 2010

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