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4 definitions by dragophelion

Anger caused by too many things or people getting in the way while attempting to do something else, especially when in a hurry.
The huge mountain of stuff that was building up on my desk caused me to have an attack of spacial clutter rage while attempting to wrap a parcel.
by dragophelion March 24, 2006
11 3
A state of matter with a consistancy somewhere between a clod and a globule, relating particularly to mud, but also to other semi liquid substances, especially when encountered in isolation.
He was walking across the field and suddenly discovered he had trodden in a huge clodule of gooey mud.
by dragophelion March 24, 2006
5 1
When you want one word to describe being completely fed up and having entirely had enough of whatever is annoying you. Used to imply more emphasis than than the individual words alone can do. Used in a similar way to a-whole-nother or ri-fucking-diculous. This could also be spelt "e-total-nuff" in a less formal and possibly more satisfying manner!
Everyone was being too noisey, I had just had e-total-nough!
by dragophelion June 01, 2006
3 1
Used to describe tasty food in a verb form.
"My pancake yums!" or "That cake? It yummed!"
by dragophelion August 17, 2007
11 20