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like a wedgie, you grab the underwear and pull up. But in an atomic wedgie the underwear actually goes over you head
Mom! Bradley gave me an atomic wedgie again!!
by dragonchick83 September 21, 2006
a sexual game in which a group of guys and girls gather round and the men sit down with thier pants around their ankles. The women then can do anything to the men but touch their penis. The object is to see who "pops up" last. the women are competing to see who can turn the men on the quickest. Or you can play it reversed where the last guy to become aroused wins.
Hey everyone! Let's play pop up!
by dragonchick83 September 21, 2006
1. A white tank top that fits snuggly. This term was started because many times if you watch the news you will see someone being arrested for domestic disturbance and they are wearing one of these shirts. They are most popular in the south.

2. A man that's single who masterbates frequently. Usually a loser type guy. This term was brought from the idea of the penis being your wife and beating it...well you get the picture. Another fun way of using this term is by saying "Im gonna go home and beat my wife!"
1. Dude you look hot in that wife beater.

2. Look at Carl, he's such a wife beater.
by dragonchick83 September 20, 2006
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