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an inconvenient slip of the tongue (usually when you accidentally say something perverted)
Mary - "I was trying to tell him that I really appreciate his hard work, but what came out was that I really appreciate his hard wood."

Beth - "Bitch, you pulled a real bonerism on that shit."
by Dr. Todd Fuquad PhD February 03, 2006
A derogatory comment that is akin to telling someone to shove a coconut up their bunghole.
Petee - "Up your butt with a coconut"

Johnson - "Igbyab (I'm gonna beat yo' ass beotch)!"
by Dr. Todd Fuquad PhD April 02, 2007
Somone who is proud of graduating from high school; says things like "the class of 2007 rules!"
"That retawd be assistant managin' at Taco Bell with his fancy high school diploma & shit."
by Dr. Todd Fuquad PhD February 04, 2006
To slice someone's throat from ear to ear
He didn't seem to appreciate the Sicilian Bowtie that I had given him, as he stood squirting blood from his troat all over the walls.
by Dr. Todd Fuquad PhD February 02, 2006
Baddest assed motherfucking storm that combines a 1)hurricane, 2)typhoon, and 3)tsunami, into an awesome force that is bent on the destruction of trailer parks and 3rd world countries alike.
Paul: "Did you hear about that hurriphoonami that ripped through the trailer park in West Virginia?"

Less: "Yeah, I heard that it was last seen heading towards Bangladesh."

Paul: "You know they just opened a WalMart in Bangladesh."

Less: "Really, you don't say..."
by Dr. Todd Fuquad PhD May 12, 2006
Acronym for "up your butt with a coconut"

It sounds kind of stupid when you say it to someone, mostly because they usually don't know what you're talking about and probably think that you're a retard. Once you explain what it means you'll probably get your ass kicked.
Bob - "Uybwac, and wyai (while you're at it) you can gfym (go fuck your mother) yddb (you dirty dooshbag)!"

Johnson - "Igbyamf (I'm gonna beat yo' ass beotch)!"
by Dr. Todd Fuquad PhD March 16, 2007
This is an expression that my old assed aunt uses to say "what's up". She's really old, but apparently when she was young they used to say stupid shit like, "hey dickhead, what's the dinx?" She's got some problems with her butt, and would totally shit in her granny panties if she found out that "what's the dinx" made the hallowed pages of the Urban Dictionary. So, give the old broad a break, you jackass. Publish this shit... NOW!
Certificatologist: "Hey midget!"

Midget: "What"

Certificatologist: "What's the dinx?"

Midget: "I fingered blasted your mother in the ass last night."

Certificatologist: "Sweet..."
by Dr. Todd Fuquad PhD August 24, 2006

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