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the word sonex is a mixture of two words...sonar and sex.
the room was so dark that instead of fumbling around for the condom, he used his sonex and grabbed it in the first try, not ever realizing it was there.
by downboy December 17, 2010
Labanus= when the Labia and anus meet due to lack of a taint. usually in larger women, but can be used if the woman is packing some serious beef curtains.
Friend#1=hey man, i heard you slept with ol' girl?
Friend#2= yeah, i think i did?
Friend#1= well, didn't you get up in that, i heard its pretty meaty?
Friend#2=meaty? that chick had a Labainus!!
Friend#1=oh well, at least you can say you did her both ways!
by downboy January 19, 2011

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