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pittsburgh white trash, found in divey bars with a harem of overly obese women singing god-awful karaoke.
they say yins or yous in stead of you or you guys
a bunch of yinsers smelled up the bar we went to last night and convinced us to move out of pittsburgh
by doug kingsbury April 26, 2004
word used in chausers "canterbury tales" to define a rectum; anus; the very end of the human digestive system. also originally used several times in the bible to describe Christ's butthole.
after the last supper, Christ cleaned out his chocolate chimney, smelling up the outskirts of gethsemane and inviting mockery from the apostles.
by doug kingsbury June 18, 2004
a car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle
we can get there faster if we use this rolling machine here.
by doug kingsbury April 26, 2004
a brown gigantic, long Hot Carl. bigger than ordinary hotcarl
i'm still a little dizzy from that whopping Karl Malone i recieved from evelyn last night.
by doug kingsbury April 26, 2004

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