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noun. has an even bigger penis than a drewsepher

unfortunately, this penis is almost always in the shape of a triforce or simple triangle.

despite the massive dick size, he is a total failure with females and males alike in the sex area, probably due to the odd shape of his penis.

He is extremely talented at the art of Douchbaggery
Person one: DAYUM did you see that huge mangled dick on encyclopediadramatic.com/offended?

person two: naw it's not mangled, its just a Lebes

person one: i was at this party with hella booze and slutty sorority chicks, but i STILL couldn't score
person two: man, you're such a Lebes

person one: shit though, did you see the way Kanye West stole that microphone?
person two: what a Lebes
by douchefer September 17, 2009

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